Web development

Web development is constantly changing. You need to be familiar with the basic tools and techniques to create a modern website.

Web programming

Web programming

To design a website, you need to master basic web programming tools, including HTML.

Basics of a website

Before choosing a domain name for your website, you must have sufficient storage space.

Web development


Peer programming

Designing new software is a complex task, even for an experienced developer, especially when the solution contains many features. To avoid any risk of error, professionals use a variety of methods. One of these techniques is peer programming. This consists of working in pairs on a code. The computer scientists, sitting side by side, work together to develop the software.

One of them, called a pilot, writes the code. The other, called a navigator, checks the code. For pair programming to work, the two developers must be able to exchange frequently. In general, one of the programmers is more experienced than the other. They may also belong to different sectors.

Peer programming saves a considerable amount of time. In addition, the resulting code is better structured. The risk of error is also reduced.

Web pages

On-screen playback

A website must meet the requirements of digital reading to optimize the user’s experience and retain their attention.



Reading books on a mobile phone is a very common practice these days. All websites have to adapt to the screen size of a smartphone.



The reader or “e-book” allows you to read books in digital format. You can also store publications in a digital library.



The tablet has the same functionality as a computer. It allows you to read digital books, surf the web, check emails, etc.

Digital World

Web Universe

Digital World

Website creation

The design of a website must meet the requirements of search engines.


Web design refers to the design of the interface and architecture of a site.

Web development

The web development concerns the elaboration of the functionalities of the website.

Internet law

The law of the Internet encompasses the rules for the elimination of cybercrime.


Cybersecurity issues

The digitalization of the company and the cyber threat

Hacking can affect any business, regardless of its sector of activity. It is therefore essential to secure your databases, your website, and your computer system. Any leakage of information can expose your company to major risks.

The GDPR is an effective solution to protect against attacks. It is also necessary to perform a regular audit of the information system.

Web Tools

All about web development

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the interconnection between the Internet and physical objects. These can be household appliances, smart meters, connected watches and bracelets, and so on.

Artificial intelligence

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), chatbots have become much more than robots answering users’ questions. They can also carry out analyses and process the user’s request in a personalised manner.

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