The best alternative search engines to Google

Google is the search engine par excellence in today’s web world. Special attention must be paid to the choice of search engine to guarantee the quality of the information received.  You have the full right to choose according to your…

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The most eco-responsible search engines on the web

Surfing on the internet while doing something nice for the planet is now possible with eco-responsible search engines. Indeed, there are many search engines that fund ecological projects for every request that a user makes. Here is the top 3…

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How to properly reference your website on the internet?

In order to make known and develop an activity, you can no longer do without the Internet. For more notoriety and efficiency, it is better to have your own website. However, it is not enough to create one so that…

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What is the electronic signature? Definition and issues

Like the handwritten signature, the electronic signature makes it possible to know the identity of the signatory of a document in digital version (Word, PDF…) and thus to check its integrity. At the legal level, the Civil Code 1367 and…

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