Cat6 network cables Finding the right model of network cable has become a major concern for people who use computer equipment. Indeed, Category 6a cables with twisted pair are now in great demand. This article will help you buy your cat6 cable from a specialized online store.

Category 6 network cable, what is it?

Many computer equipment and equipment nowadays require the use of a high-performance network cable awg. In the range of network cables used to link several types of computer network equipment is the category 6 network cable. This type of cable is an improvement of the previous versions, i.e. models of the 5th category, the 4th category, etc. Among the various categories of network cables, cat6a is one of the most advanced. It therefore provides more data transfer performance than its predecessors. As with all network cables, category 6 is constructed from twisted pair copper wire, but the existence of splitters between the different wire pairs structurally differentiates it from the different types of network cables available on the market. This different structure resulting from the techniques applied and the advanced technology used in the design of category 6a means that this type of 24awg network cable allows much faster data transfer. The 24*4 category 6a cable can also support up to 10 gigabits of internet or more depending on the range you choose and is compatible with previous versions of network cable found in many installations.

Difference between utp cable and stp cable

Knowing the difference between the two types of network cable will be of great use to you, especially if you want to have the optimal speed and quality of transfer. The utp cable and stp cable are types of twisted pair cables are a means of transmission offering reliable connectivity between one or more electronic equipment. The only difference is that the first type of cable has an unshielded twisted pair while the second type has a shielded twisted pair. Although the design and manufacturing technique are different, both types of cable are used for the same purpose. The key difference is that the utp cable is twisted to reduce crosstalk and noise while the stp cable has only confined twisted pairs that protect it from electromagnetic interference. In a nutshell, utp cable is an unshielded network cable commonly used in telecommunications. It provides an efficient connection path with a twisted pair that eliminates interference from external media.

How to choose your cable?

Although in theory network cables are not supposed to cause a loss of throughput, when you use the wrong type of network cable, you may experience some loss of throughput. In some cases of use, the loss of bandwidth does not make much difference, but when you connect to the Internet via a network cable, for example, it will be felt automatically. Therefore, before making your choice, it is important to find out which type of cable is appropriate for the type of use you intend to make. It is also important to know that the 6a cable is multitasking and backwards compatible. It can therefore be used either to connect a computer to another computer, to connect a computer to an internet box, to connect the television to an internet box, or to connect any other compatible device to a computer or to a box. In addition, you should know that the higher the frequency of the 6a cable, the more it will be able to transmit a large volume of data without any loss. Logically, it is with a 24*4 cable at 500 Hz that the throughput will be higher. To make sure you have made the right choice, you must read the indications on the network cable in question carefully. Indeed, the category and details of a network cable, such as the data transfer frequency, are usually written on the cable itself.

Buy your network cable online

Currently, the internet has become the easiest way to buy your network cable. Not only will this alternative allow you to find the network cable you need, but it will also offer you a huge opportunity to save a lot of your time. Of course, with internet everything is automatic. You no longer have to travel to access the different categories of network cable available on the market. For example, you can go to the online shops, search for a 24awg cable and order your cable. In addition, on the internet you will benefit from several tips from a professional. He will help you to identify which cable is suitable for your needs. The shops also open their doors no matter what day or time you want to make your purchase.