Embedded software is a specialized program that controls devices and machines. Examples of devices with embedded software are sports watches, cameras, and washing machines. Suppose your company is developing an embedded product and you don’t have the skills to develop software. In that case, you should outsource the designs from other companies in your line of work like witekio.com. To develop software you require great skills and creativity such as those depicted by Witekio professionals. For a software company to find the perfect developers, they may apply the following strategies.

Developer Conferences and Forums

Conferences and forums are a place to have a great time while learning and meeting new people. It’s the best way of finding developers since you’ll be meeting them in person. Companies looking for the most competent software developers will have a greater chance of meeting a prospective professional in these conferences. Attending such conferences and forums will also help you broaden your knowledge.
You can start by searching online for such conferences to find out the dates and venue of the conferences. Consequently, attend the conferences, meet with varieties of developers and interact with them to find the best professionals to hire. You will also come back from this forums feeling motivated and inspired by what you’ve learned. Furthermore, going to these conferences helps you gain different experiences and encourages teamwork, strengthening relationships with other developers.

Online Platforms

Medium is a social online publishing platform open to all. Experts and readers find dynamic thinking and undiscovered voices can share their articles and ideas about different themes. Naturally, people are so passionate about sharing what they’ve discovered and write them for websites. Companies can efficiently select their required embedded software developers based on the skills they need.
In Medium, posts cover a large variety of software development topics, making it easy for you to find someone who has worked with a potential developer. However, after selecting possible candidates, it’s important to expand your search outside the Medium. This approach can be incorporated with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Telegram so that companies can be able to see profiles of other developers.


Companies choose to use referrals since it’s a perfect strategy for finding embedded software developers without spending a lot of time, energy and resources going through multiple recruitment channels. Referrals could be your employees, associates, friends, family business partners or anyone else in your field of work.
The benefit of this strategy is that the person who refers you to the developer may most likely have previously worked with one, hence having great knowledge of the developer's capability. However, with the referral approach, you are limited to the options provided by the people or companies you ask. Nevertheless, referrals invite more relevant profiles and have better conversion rates.

Freelance Platforms

Using a freelance platform is quite possibly the easiest way to look for a freelancer developer. Freelancer platform is grouped into two categories, and these are the general and Niche.
• Niche
It’s a platform that is made specifically for finding vetted freelancing software developers. In this platform, developers are chosen through a vetting process, making it easier for you to find a competent candidate. Since the vetting process is already done for you, Niche saves you valuable time. It’s, however, an expensive option.
• General
This platform offers similar services as Niche, but it doesn’t offer vetting services. As such, you’ll meet software developers who may or may not belong to your business’s niche. Unfortunately, this means that you have to undertake the vetting process to find prospects. The good news is, General is cheaper than Niche.
Time is required to choose the best software developer for the company to produce quality products. It’s important to try out strategies like online platforms, referrals, freelance platforms and attending conferences and forums because using one approach will limit your company’s chances of getting prospective software developers. After finding the best software developer, your company should control its hardware in the best possible way, resulting in high-quality production and potential sales.