Published on : 18 June 20202 min reading time

Surfing on the internet while doing something nice for the planet is now possible with eco-responsible search engines. Indeed, there are many search engines that fund ecological projects for every request that a user makes. Here is the top 3 of these ecological engines.

Ecosia: an engine at the origin of reforestation in the world

Created in 2009, Ecosia is one of the best eco-responsible search engines on the web by acting in favour of the planet. A close partner of WWF, its objective is to plant a tree for each query made online on its search bar. Today, it has already been able to carry out more than a thousand tree plantings around the world.

Since its creation until today, Ecosia has organized the planting of more than 2 million new trees in the world, particularly in Peru, Burkina Faso and Madagascar. And in addition to leading this reforestation movement on a global scale, it also raises awareness about reducing CO2 and environmentally harmful gas emissions, a fact that owes its position as the number one eco-responsible search engine to Ecosia.

Lilo: an organizing engine for social environmental projects

Every search you do on a search engine contributes in some way to making them a lot of money. Unlike most of them, eco-friendly search engines like Lilo make good use of your searches.

Indeed, every time a user searches on Lilo, the start-up is committed to organizing and financing social environmental projects around the world, and this since 2015. The donations it offers are donated in the form of drops to ecological associations and non-governmental organizations. This “meta-engine” system limits the harmful impacts on the environment in the short, medium and long term.