At a time when the majority of media are dematerialized, books are no exception. Indeed, it is nowadays common to see an electronic reader. These devices can store hundreds or even thousands of books in a single container. This is where its main advantage lies. In addition to being practical, they are also elegant, light and full of functionality. There is a wide range to choose from, and there is something for every budget and every use. So the question must be asked, how do you choose your reading light according to your reading expectations?

Selection criteria in relation to content

There are several brands that manufacture and market electronic reading lights. Before making your choice, it is important to know that not all dematerialized book formats are compatible with all reading machines. In fact, the world leader in e-books, Amazon, has its own format, the AZW. This means that other formats do not work on Amazon readers. The others, such as Kobo, Pocket book and Booken, share the same format, the e-pub, which is also the most democratized format. Finally, all readers read PDF, Txt and HTML.

Your expectations regarding the equipment, the screen and the storage capacity

One of the important selection criteria is the screen. Indeed, the bigger it is, the more comfortable you will be, but the more bulky the device will be. It all depends on your expectations, different resolutions are also proposed. The higher the resolution, the smoother and more pleasant the texts will be to read. The screen can also be touch or non-touch. There are also backlit screens for those who wish to read in the dark. But the high resolution and backlighting can affect the battery life. In this regard, the larger the battery, the longer its life. For those who read a lot or make long trips, a higher battery capacity would be suitable. As far as storage capacity is concerned, the larger it is, the more books you will be able to store.

The little extras that may support your choice

Some reading lights may have connectivity, Wifi, 3 or 4G. This can allow you to download your books directly from the reader, without going through a PC. They can also be waterproof, i.e. water-resistant, to read by the pool without being afraid of water, for example. Finally, some brands offer reading lights with audio players so that you can listen to audio books.