The ultrabook or ultra-portable is a kind of laptop, whose main characteristic is its lightness. Existing since 2011, its purpose is to offer mobility to its owner. An ultrabook is therefore generally thin and in a rather compact format, about 14 inches of screen diagonal. With technological advances, the small size no longer prevents the power of the components. Today, an ultrabook can be as powerful or even more powerful than any other computer in the same price segment. Ultrabooks are suitable for both business and personal use, whenever you want to be mobile. But how do you choose between the different ultrabook models available?

The classic ultrabooks, between elegance and performance

This type of ultra-portable works exactly like a regular laptop. It's just thinner and lighter. Ultrabooks are usually very stylish and well-finished, with a metal exterior. The screen size varies between 11.6 and 14 inches. The operating system used is often Windows 10, to offer a good productivity with all its software suite. Ideal for professionals, almost all brands have their models and all price categories are represented. Obviously, the higher the price, the more the quality of the product will be felt, especially the high performance.

Ultrabooks with rotating screens, ideal for presentations

These ultrabooks offer an even slimmer chassis than traditional ultraportables. But their main feature is the ability to rotate the screen almost 360 degrees. The screen is also touch-sensitive. This allows the machine to be used in presentation mode. The keyboard will act as a base and you can scroll through your information on the screen while explaining it. The interest for professional activities is therefore emphasized, but it is also possible to use this feature to watch movies or series.

Convertible ultrabooks, between touch tablet and laptop

Finally, ultrabooks also offer the possibility to completely detach the keyboard from the screen. The keyboard is not a classic keyboard, it is flexible and very thin. This may have an advantage for the lightness and mobility of the device, but it takes time to adapt to writing long texts. This type of ultra-portable and therefore a hybrid, which combines the advantages of the laptop and those of the touch tablet. Their screens are generally smaller, about 10 inches. Operating systems can vary between Android and Windows. These are the most mobile ultrabooks, but also the most fragile.