Between smartphones and laptops, the professional tablet is now a must in the professional world. With so many choices, some analysts believe that professional tablets will easily replace the role of PCs within a few years. They are used for a wide range of professional applications, including wind assistance, data consultation, notepads, presentation support and web browsing. But how do you choose your professional tablet?

The screen

The first criterion that must absolutely be taken into account when choosing a professional tablet is the size of its screen. In order to meet all your needs, it must at least have a screen of varying width. Most models on the market are either 10" or 7" screens. The 10" screens offer a use that is as close as possible to a laptop, especially since they can be equipped with a keyboard. The 7" models, on the other hand, look similar to a smartphone. Other professional tablet models are 12" or larger. Beyond this size, attention must be paid to the definition and quality of the slab. The higher the quality of the panel, the better it can offer an excellent display up to full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels.

The environment

The professional tablet market today offers 3 types of environments: Apple's iOS, Google's Android and Windows 10. These 3 environments are not compatible with each other, however, they can communicate with each other. By choosing a Windows professional tablet, one opts for classic software offering a multitude of business solutions, but smaller applications. The apple brand, on the other hand, offers an excellent business ratio, but with affordable products at an expensive price. For its part, the Android professional tablet is known for its high quality/price ratio.


The last important point that should not be overlooked when choosing a professional tablet is connectivity. In general, a business tablet should offer a Wi-Fi connection to ensure a wireless connection. In addition, it should also have Bluetooth to make connection to other devices feasible. Depending on usage, a business tablet will require a 4G SIM chip slot and an HDMI connector. This type of tablet provides a professional display on a large screen. In addition to all these criteria, a tablet with professional accessories such as cases, keyboard docks, stylus, adapters, etc. should be chosen.